Xenical ohne rezept kaufen. The German Foreign Ministry had called for "a fair and impartial international investigation of the allegations" about Turkish government. Turkey's Foreign Ministry has denied all allegations about the country's involvement. However, officials have publicly admitted that their government has been involved in the coup attempt, but say it was carried out by a group of rogue elements in the military. In a statement issued after the US House of Representatives voted to approve an arms deal with Turkey, the Turkish presidency had said it expects the US to provide support for Turkey's fight against terrorism and that the country could not afford to let such support be based on "deceitful allegations". "Turkey does not Xenical 60 Pills 120mg $131 - $2.18 Per pill make accusations on the basis of speculation," statement said. "In any case, the Turkish government does not intend to remain indifferent a fair and impartial international investigation of the allegations." The House of Representatives authorised delivery weapons to Turkey. The decision came despite Turkish government's public opposition to the arms deal, saying it would strengthen Kurdish groups which it says have links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). 'Airstrikes on civilians' The Turkish government has blamed Uighur militants and Kurdish separatists for the attempted coup, blaming them for gunning down pro-coup soldiers. On Saturday, the US Defence Department said it was still assessing the situation but that US officials had "assured members of Congress that US Armed Forces are operating in accordance with all relevant laws". Image copyright AP caption Thousands of people gathered in Ankara to support Turkey's president Citing Turkish reports, the department said an F16 attack helicopter had shot down a Kurdish militant helicopter on Saturday just outside Kizilay, in the southeast, and another F16 shot down a drone earlier in the day close to Syrian border. This followed the downing of a Russian warplane by Turkish fighter jets on Tuesday. According to a report on Turkish newspaper Today's Zaman, the US has pledged to supply arms Turkey. According to the Zaman report, US will also pay for the delivery of ammunition and supplies to the Turkish military. Image copyright AFP caption At least 290 people were killed in the attempted coup The report said government had told the Pentagon that it had requested the assistance of US Air Force. US President Barack Obama has made clear that the United States online schools for pharmacy technician degree is committed to helping Turkey in its fight against Kurdish rebels. He has also said that the United xenical rezeptfrei kaufen States supported Turkey's right to self-defence. US officials are expected to meet their Turkish counterparts discuss the potential assistance programme. Image copyright AP caption At least 50 people were killed in the failed coup attempt The Turkish government has banned pro-government newspaper Today's Zaman, which has a reputation for publishing anti-government articles. President Erdogan has also banned Twitter and blocked access to Facebook, Google, YouTube, and WhatsApp in Turkey. Earlier this week, Turkey's Parliament approved new legislation that would see anyone found guilty of insulting the president or military leaders could face up to five years in jail. The legislation was criticised by foreign embassies in Ankara, including the UK, which said it would increase the risk of "self-censorship" and could be a "hammer blow" against press freedom in Turkey. Turkey - a key Nato ally has been rocked by a series of coup attempts over the past two years.

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arc en ciel sur la Berlinische galerie

Pluie d’arcs en ciels sur Berlin

Depuis quelques semaines des arcs en ciels fleurissent à travers l’Allemagne, que ce soit des drapeaux près de l’église Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche à Kreuzberg, une vieille pub pour Coca sur le toit de la Spitteleck-Hochhaus qui a été détournée, d’autres drapeaux sur

Cité radieuse à Berlin - photo Didier Laget

la Cité radieuse irradie toujours, surtout l’été

Berlin est quasi-vide, pas à cause du virus, mais à cause des vacances, j’en profite. Je suis retourné voir la Cité radieuse. Ici on l’appelle aussi, Le Corbusierhaus, Corbusierhaus Berlin ou Wohnmaschine. C’était tranquille. J’ai pris une photo, c’est ma

Cami Stone par Carola Neher - photo Berlinische Galerie

Portraits de femmes à la Berlinische Gallerie

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